Downtown Façade Matching Grants Criteria

Grant Criteria

  • Grants are for the correction of blighting conditions such as peeling paint, boarded up windows or windows in poor condition, replacement of missing historic elements, modification or removal of inappropriate alterations and general cosmetic improvements such as awnings and signs. Projects involving only repainting of buildings are not eligible.
  • Commercial property owners and businesses located in commercial buildings in the City’s Historic District and along William Street up to and including the 600 block are eligible. At the time of application and throughout the period of the grant project, applicants and their contractors must be in good standing with the City with respect to licenses, taxes, codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Written cost estimates for all aspects of the façade improvement project from licensed contractors are required with the application. For design only applications, a written cost proposal from the designer is required with the application.
  • Grants are not to exceed 50% of the facade improvement project cost, including professional design fees, with a maximum grant amount of $10,000. Grant funds are to be paid upon project completion, satisfactory evidence that all contractors have been paid by the applicant, all applicable city inspections have passed and an inspection by the EDA.
  • Applications may be submitted for the cost of professional design services only. Such grants are not to exceed 50% of the design cost with a maximum grant amount of $500. Such grants count toward the grant limit. Recipients of design grants are to submit improvement grant applications in the next grant cycle, or reimburse the EDA grant.
  • Grant applications are due March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. Grant approval is at the sole discretion of the EDA and there is no appeal process. Applications not approved may be resubmitted for the next cycle. Before filing, applicants must meet with staff from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.
  • Unless other time periods are specified in the grant approval, the EDA may withdraw the grant approval if work is not started within 120 days or not completed within six months, both periods from the date of the grant approval.
  • The applicant is required to provide copies of any required building and sign permits to the EDA.
  • Upon completion of the project, applicant must submit a signed completion notice.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Appropriateness from the ARB (if in the Historic District) must be submitted with the grant application.