JumpStart! Grant Criteria

The EDA's JumpStart! 2010 Plan is a community inspired, detailed action plan designed to trigger the implementation of appropriate projects and development opportunities for economic development initiatives.

Grant Corridors

JumpStart! identifies 11 distinct corridors with specific types of development and redevelopment opportunities and suggestions that would best enhance each corridor:

  • Riverfront and Sophia Street from the train station to Fauquier Street
  • Lafayette Boulevard from Downtown (Charles Street) to Lee Drive in the National Park
  • Princess Anne Street corridor between Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) and Fauquier Street
  • Riverfront from Jefferson Davis Highway to Canal Street
  • William Street from Route 3 to Charles Street
  • Downtown Commercial District from Frederick Street to Fauquier Street and Caroline Street to Charles Street
  • Jefferson Davis Highway from the Rappahannock River to Cowan Boulevard
  • Blue and Gray Parkway from Carl D. Silver Parkway to Route 2 (Dixon Street)
  • Fall Hill Avenue from Carl D. Silver Parkway to Route 1
  • Cowan Boulevard from I-95 to Route 1
  • Dixon Street from Charles Street to Lansdowne Road

EDA grants are available to projects envisioned by JumpStart! within these corridors. New or existing business changes, improvement projects and activities, including façade improvements, that stimulate economic growth are eligible. EDA grant funds are limited and requests will be carefully scrutinized. The grant funds are intended to stimulate additional improvements or development beyond the specific project for which the grant is to be given.

Grant Criteria

The EDA has developed criteria to ensure that grants of financial assistance achieve the purposes stated above and direct the EDA's limited funds to projects and activities that provide the greatest anticipated return on the funds "invested". This return is based on:

  • Number and types of new activities, development, and jobs that will be stimulated.
  • The potential for substantial increases in visitors/customers for all of the businesses in a commercial area.
  • The benefits to the citizens of Fredericksburg.
  • Readiness for the project or activity to be completed within the specified timeline, generally not longer than 12 months of the grant award.

The annual amount of grant funding will be determined by the EDA Board and will be based upon the previous year's revenue/income. Funding may vary from year to year.

Grant requests will be reviewed by the EDA four times a year (April, July, October and January). EDA grant applications must be received by the City's Department of Economic Development and Tourism by March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1. All applicants are required to meet with Amy Peregoy, Economic Development Specialist, before applying. All applications received during each cycle will be screened by the EDA grant committee, then distributed to the EDA Board of Directors with the recommendations. All final determinations will be made by the EDA Board of Directors and applicants will be notified via phone call or email with formal correspondence of acceptance to follow in writing of the Board's decision.

For clarification, the EDA notes that individual approved amounts may vary from the requested amounts, as deemed appropriate. If no grants are deemed appropriate, or funds are not available, the EDA reserves the right to not make a grant in any given cycle.

The decisions of the EDA Board are final and recipients must abide by the requirements defined by the Authority for distribution of the funds. These requirements will be provided to recipients in writing after the EDA has made its decision.

Distribution of Grant Funds

  • All applicants must be in good standing with the City to be considered for an EDA grant.
  • No grant funds will be paid unless all applicable City permits and approvals have been issued.
  • For-Profit Entity Grants and JumpstART! Grants - after all work is completed, the applicant must notify Amy Peregoy at 540-372-1216, and the Grant Committee may set up an inspection to review the work.
  • Invoices will be paid upon completion of the project or complete project elements identified in the grant. Invoices must be detailed specifying the items in the approved grant and include a certification that all subcontractors have been paid. The EDA strives to pay invoices within 30 days.
  • Event sponsorships - will be paid when an invoice is submitted to the EDA after the event.

To qualify for EDA funding, the business requesting the financial assistance for a "proposed project" must first answer the following in the affirmative.

  • Has the applicant met with Amy Peregoy, submitted the application and all required information and documentation prior to the grant cycle deadline?
  • Will the project benefit Fredericksburg's long-term economic development and tourism goals as envisioned in the JumpStart! Plan?
  • Will the project enhance the quality of life, create jobs and/or lessen financial burden for city residents?
  • With the exception of event sponsorships, has the applicant demonstrated a significant "need" for the grant in order to complete the project?
  • Has the applicant confirmed he/she will hang a banner and/or plaque and/or window decal recognizing the EDA as providing a JumpStart! grant for the project?

Upon meeting these requirements, the project is then screened based on specific criteria established for each of the four grant programs.

Your project may require Architectural Review Board/Corridor Overlay District approval, Sign Permits, Zoning Changes, Special Use Permits and/or other City permits. To assist you, the City offers a Technical Review Committee meeting free-of-charge. The review takes place bimonthly meeting with representatives from various City Departments. The EDA STRONGLY ENCOURAGES you to attend one of these meetings to better determine what City requirements apply and the process for approvals. Please contact Debby Hall in Community Planning and Building Department at 540-372-1080 to schedule your review.

Confidentiality Policy

Under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"), the Economic Development Authority ("EDA") is precluded from keeping any part of an application confidential except under very limited statutory exceptions. FOIA makes open government (records) and open meetings the norm, with few exceptions. One of the exceptions under FOIA is confidential proprietary records submitted pursuant to a promise by the EDA of confidentiality (VA Code Section 2.2-3705.6.3 as to info; 2.2-3711.40 as to closed meeting).

A business' private proprietary records (primarily profit & loss statements, but not construction budgets) may be kept confidential by City staff and the EDA and its staff, when the business voluntarily provides the confidential proprietary records pursuant to a promise of confidentiality from the EDA to be used for business development or retention. The purpose of the Grant Program is business development or retention.

Such proprietary records submitted under the EDA Grant Program as a part of an application will be received and kept confidential (not disclosed under a FOIA request) if the staff of the Fredericksburg Department of Economic Development and Tourism, acting as agent of the EDA, receives the application with a written request signed by the owner or agent for the applicant that the confidential proprietary records be treated as confidential under VA Code Section 2.2-3705.6.3 as to the written records and under 2.2-3711.40 as to closing any meeting to review the data. This promise of confidentiality is conditioned upon the provided records being private proprietary records deemed such under FOIA, and neither the EDA nor its agents shall be held accountable for making such determination. Any legal defense of a FOIA request for the business' private proprietary records shall be at the cost of the applicant who requested confidentiality.